There are many more reasons why an eCommerce webpagina should integrate Omnitude te the running of its operations and you can find out more about what Omnitude does on it’s main webstek and how it can help you expand your business effortlessly.

With the advent of technologies like sintético intelligence, the blockchain, posible reality and automation, many fresh ideas have come forward and so have fresh challenges that have compelled us to rethink our way of life that nowadays is no longer sustainable for the majority of of us on this Planet. Higher population levels along with automated Industry, pollution and entero heating, all have compelled us to begin thinking outside of the opbergruimte for fresh forms of governance, sustainable living and working conditions and economic systems that would better serve us spil a human wedren than the old outdated systems that are only assisting a petite minority of the world’s population to thrive.

With receding shore grounds and loss of land through natural disasters and rising sea levels, there is a fresh way of living that has cropped up by think tanks all overheen the globe which is namely Seasteading. I won’t go overheen this too much ter this here spil you can read and examine about it more te depth via the SEASTEADING INSTITUTE which has a ton of information regarding floating cities.

Now the SEASTEADING INSTITUTE and BLUE FRONTIERS are collaborating to bring about the emergence of fresh blockchain technology run economies and unique forms of governance by way of Seasteading and they have created the fresh digital currency VARYON which stands for VARIATION Ter GOVERNANCE and is going to be the principle driving force to create a unique SEASTEADING COMMUNITY, firstly te FRENCH POLYNESIAN TERRITORY. By 2021 Blue Frontiers wants to build the very very first floating Island that will house many visionaries and people who want to be a part of a fresh and forward thinking way of life. This is just the embark. Spil the community grows more and more will be built overheen time and Blue Frontiers being a company itself is creating this excellent fresh status quo through collaboration of blockchain experts, engineers and many many more fucking partners and each SEASTEAD Island or floating city, town, community, will be governed ter a unique way that the residents and participants determine upon. This is going to be a good fresh general proefneming taking us into a future wij only dreamed of or observed ter SCI-FI movies.


One way wij can get involved te this project is through contributing to the VARYON CROWDSALE which is now undergoing te its effortless to invest te format whereby you can get a premie for being an early bird contributor to the project. Already overheen 1405 ETH has so far bot raised by the VARYON Team.

You can check out the BUYER’S GUIDE on how to purchase VAR tokens with a multiplicity of digital currencies.

There will only everzwijn be 1 billion VAR tokens and what is wonderful about this is that VAR tokens will be the only currency available for using ter all the future SEASTEADING habitats that will be built by Blue Frontiers, making this a humongous utility token up for grabs. You want to purchase a property on a Blue Frontier Seastead? You will need to pay te VAR token! This is a massive on the blockchain project that has never bot done before and being very first to market with this idea will waterput Blue Frontiers ahead of the spel. 4000 eTH is the soft cap for this project and 22k ETH is the hardcap. For the very first 4k Eth investors there is a 15% premie waiting for them which is a fine incentive to invest early. Also they are making it possible for Accredited Investors form the U.S to also take part te this token sale too!

The monies raised will go towards bringing about the very first ready to go Seastead by 2021 and ter the meantime engineering, prototyping and getting the zoning ready for the very first self sustaining fresh modular living structure will take place to bring about this fantasy into our forward-thinking reality.


Want to get to know the Team Better at Blue Frontiers and ask more information about the project? Why not speelgoedpop into the telegram group for a talk spil there is always an Admin available to help you te your due diligence and inquiries. Also you can find out more from the linksaf below to do your own research. Please realize this blog review is for informational purposes only spil I am not a financial adviser. I do tho’ from a individual perspective think that this project can be a good long term hold from the point that it is going to have a existente end user case and building a entire sustainable ECO system, each with its own unique type of governmental structure, chosen by each group of inhabitants, is a phat leap forward ter the evolution of Humanity. Any idea that is realized which solves a problem is for myself, the best idea to invest te. Solutions to today’s problems enhanced by blockchain technology are truly the way forward.

Blockchain Technology is now permeating all levels of Industry, te both the Public and Private Sectors of Business. Of course there are businesses that don’t want to switch all of their eCommerce Infrastructures but would rather integrate the Blockchain into their businesses te a seamless and effortless style. There are many advantages that OMNITUDE will bring to businesses from it’s toneel and here are some of the problems it will solve and also the solutions it brings that are both cost effective and will help increase efficiency and evidently the bottom line of a company.

  1. By introducing it’s Ass-plug AND PLAY system, Online Businesses can utilize Omnitude’s technology spil and when it needs for a multitude of purposes.
  2. By being able to use blockchain technology on a piecemeal poot, this can help create a more efficient environment for any business, which ter turn helps to cut time wasting down to a ondergrens and helps to reduce overheen all running costs. Saving money te any business is like MAKING MONEY.
  3. There is no need to undress a business of its infrastructure te order for it to corset blockchain technology, this butt-plug n play system permits incremental implementation and growth te an organic manner. Te other words, spil the business grows and it’s needs grow, it can use the Omnitude verhoging ter a fatter capacity, so it grows with it.
  4. Four. Gegevens protection is a vereiste for any person or business and Omnitude can help you preserve and also help reduce Identity fraud which plagues online businesses every year with identity theft and theft of credit/debit cards.
  5. By using the HYPERLEDGER Fabric, Omnitude can facilitate ter creating swifter transaction times for eCommerce outlets, spil well spil enhancing transaction volume without violating the servers.
  6. Single Customer Identity implementation on any webpagina via the Omnitude verhoging helps businesses makes it lighter for both businesses and entities to interact online.

There are many more reasons why an eCommerce webpagina should integrate Omnitude ter the running of its operations and you can find out more about what Omnitude does on it’s main webstek and how it can help you expand your business effortlessly.


If you want to get te on the ground floor of this blockchain business, then you can also acquire THE OMNITUDE UTILITY TOKEN ter the pre-sale and token sale.

Here are the details of the token and token sale:


TOKEN ticker: ECOM

TOKEN Total supply: 100 Million

Private Pre sale cap: Five million ECOM

LIVE SALE Hard cap: 55 Million ECOM

Presale Dates: Concluded

MAIN SALE: 28th March 2018 – 31st May 2018

You will need to finish your KYC before purchasing ECOM tokens and you can buy up to 50k USD worth daily up until the end of the crowd sale. All tokens not sold during the token sale will be burned, thus lowering the supply if the hard cap is not reached.

The ECOM token is a utility token that will be used by everyone interacting te the OMNITUDE ECOSYSTEM so this brings value not only to ICO contributors but also to the token itself overheen time.


Wnat to get to know the Team behind OMNITUDE or interact with the Community better? Here are some linksom to help you get more acquainted with both the Community behind Omnitude plus the project itself and then you can determine if this is a project you want to get yourself involved with spil a crowdsale contributor or community advocate.

Spil wij stir from a corporate centralized world to a more democratic DECENTRALIZED way of of doing things, the storage and collection of Gegevens has bot a big kwestie for many people and businesses wishing to have more control overheen their individual and public entities. Now with the advent of AI, the Blockchain and IOT technologies, wij are able to corset more practical solutions for Today’s more progressive mindsets, who strive for both more say and privacy overheen their own gegevens storage.

Let’s take a look at how IAGON can provide gegevens storage to suit everyone’s needs.

IAGON is looking to create a supercomputer by utilizing empty space ter servers and laptop capacity and those who lock te to give up their free GPU and CPU storage space when their computers are sitting idle, can be remunerated by IACON for ‘renting out their unused space’ so to speak.

This way IAGON can become a PREMIER Gegevens CENTER that can challenge with the best of them because by becoming this big Supercomputer it can suggest cheaper prices for those who need storage space, suggested te a much more secure environment than traditional cloud storage spaces.

By being more competitively prices, it can grow and expand much swifter than other businesses, thus will be able to lock te a good market share overheen time and by paying people and companies to borrow their free computing space, they are sharing the revenue and distributing the wealth ter a much more fairer way than everzwijn done by big corporations te the past, who actually use our Gegevens and make billions of advertising dollars from it!


By bringing out a the IAGON Utility Token, IAGON is building a seamless infrastructure, where both customers and contributors harnessing various layers of the verhoging can purchase services and be paid ter IAG TOKEN. Spil IAG Token will be the voet for the monetary framework on the Iagon podium, this will generate more ease of use for all involved and will be far more cost effective te fees spil well.

Let’s check out some tech specs and token sale details:



TOTAL SUPPLY: 1 Billion tokens

PRE – ICO SUPPLY : 200, 000 tokens

ICO SUPPLY: 500,000 tokens


TOTAL TOKENS = 200, 000


Think about it, DRAGONCHAIN being an incubator for blockchain commence ups itself, is a good place to commence doing your due diligence if you want to get involved with this project spil it is a high caliber project ter my books.

You get a discount according to the how long you have bot holding DRAGONCHAIN te your ETH wallets, or DSS spil they call it:

The more DSS you have, the fatter the discount, you can check it out here: BTCTALK

Pre-sale dates: 2nd April 2018 – 30th April 2018

ICO Dates: 10th May 2018 – 30-60 days there from.

COST Vanaf IAG: 12 cents USD which can be procured via ETH, CHANGILLY, DEBIT/CREDIT CARD and Bankgebouw transfers.

It’s a good idea to speelpop into the IAGON TELEGRAM group if you want to ask more specifics regarding the crowdsale. There will always be someone there to help out if needed.

IAGON Linksom

There’s a loterijlot more to know and understand about the IAGON Project so you can check the linksaf below for informational purposes and also to get to know the Team at IAGON better and if this is a project you want to get your teeth stuck into. If due diligence is your thing, then a nice thorough review of the Iagon Whitepaper will be right up your alley.

ETH ADDRESS: 0xC4Ce7d6B8b01d1CE6AeC1e5295Aa 5c91D8F420fB

The Blockchain Revolution proceeds to grow ter leaps and bounds and now GIGTRICKS has come to step up the spel with its all te one solution for Freelancers around the Globe to interact with Employers and also socially make their presence felt on the Internet, without just having to rely on the traditional corporate social media that doesn’t prize it’s users and which collects all the gegevens to earn billions of dollars ter profits.

Now the tide is turning and through the union of blockchain technology and traditional business landscapes, the end users of the toneelpodium and micro investors and workers can come together to benefit from the entire infrastructure of the GIGTRICKS Ecosystem.

Let’s take a look at how GIGTRICKS will be spearheading a fresh way of earning and working on the Internet:

  1. FREELANCE MARKETPLACE: GIGTRICKS will be the mainframe for connecting both Freelancers and other business minded people te one place whereby they can interact using the GIGBIT TOKEN spil the utility token on the Webpagina, which means that savings will be made when business deals are made! Instead of relying on banks and third party payment processors, Entrepreneurs can pay for GIGS using GIGBIT and Freelancers can get paid and hired without the complications that other traditional platforms have because of the older forms of payment.
  2. GIGTRICKS LEARNING CENTER: Both Freelancers and Entrepreneurs can hone their abilities and improve their presence ter the Marketplace, making them work more efficiently and successfully enhancing their vertoning ter their areas of expertise.
  3. GIGTRICKS SOCIAL: This will be a place where interested parties can give each other terugkoppeling te a safe and titillating environment, where socializing takes on a fresh meaning and people te a common field can communicate, like, go after and participate ter social networking which will bring ter more positive results due to the niche market that will be a common denominator for all parties involved.
  4. GIGTRICKS POS: The GIGTRICKS point of sale apparatus will permit for vendors to grow their bottom line te physical stores and all transactions they generate will be recorded on the Blockchain!






The token is an utility token to be used for the purchase and subscriptions to various products and services te the GIGBIT Marketplace spil well spil for tipping, prizes and other incentives and uses.




The token sale will take place te three stages and 350 million tokens will be available for contributors to purchase ter the overheen all sales.

April – May = Private sale providing 75% DISCOUNT

May – June = Pre Token Sale providing a 50% Discount

July – August – Main token sale providing incremental bonuses from 25% to 0% until the end of the sale.

Check out the main webstek for all the incremental pricing and how much you can save if you contribute to the token sale spil an early bird! The earlier you contribute, the more savings you will accrue.


There is a Big Team of Experts, Developers and Advisors, waiting to welcome you into the GIGTRICKS ECOSYSTEM. The Community is growing day by day and the Team are also gearing up to meet and greet ter many Blockchain events te the Middle East and Beyond.

Check out the linksaf below on how you can get more involved te this project and of course this review is for educational purposes and to give you an idea of what GIGTRICKS has to opoffering. There is so much more ter store for you, so if you get time, peruse through the Whitepaper and webstek and come and have a talk te the Telegram Group and other social media outlets.

ETH ADDRESS: 0xC4Ce7d6B8b01d1CE6AeC1e5295Aa 5c91D8F420fB

Bidium is a concept that is merging blockchain technology with mainstream access to a peer to peer bidding verhoging which brings together freelance workers and those wishing to hire them spil well spil cryptocurrency traders into one effortless to use exchange. This ecosystem permits not only for ease of use, but for lower or even ter some cases, no transaction fees, which te the end saves customers money and this is the selling point of the Verhoging which could attract a very large share of the market ter the Freelance Hiring Industry.

Let’s take a look at some of the features Bidium has to suggest which make it both an enticing project to be a part of ter its startup phase, or attractive to the End User:

This makes safety and security more rock solid, having an exchange that is not manipulated or managed by a single entity. By using clever contracts, employers, freelancers and auctioneers can engage te mutual transactions of benefit without the need for middle guys, which also makes it tighter to scam or be scammed, spil is the case te mainstream set ups. Freelancer and Auction Bidders will be able to track their activity on the Blockchain at any given time.

By using cryptocurrencies, the cost comes down ter fees considerably, especially when using the Bidium utility token (BIDM) which makes it more convenient for all end users to use te their transactions. The token being widely used will also make possessing the token more popular, thus providing early contributors a good feeling of being early birds te a fresh and arousing project. The fact that crypto holders can also sell their crypto for FIAT to other crypto buyers would be a reason to attract many fresh customers to the Bidium Verhoging overheen time.

You don’t need to bother with handelsbank accounts whilst utilizing the Bidium services. You will have access to your own secure mobile Bidium wallet whereby you will be able to send and receive Bidium tokens ter order to get your job done. This is good both for ease of mind, plus cheaper transaction fees. Banks charge an arm and a gam te fees, plus transactions through the bankgebouw are much slower than through the Blockchain!


Te order to facilitate the building of the Bidium infrastrcuture, Bidium is holding a token sale, so let’s check out the details:

Token Name: BIDIUM

Token Ticker: BIDM

Token Total Supply: 1 Billion

Pre-Sale Dates: 26th March 2018 – 24th April 2018

Token Pre -Ico price: 1 BIDM = 0.01 USD

Pre-Sale Softcap: 500k USD

Pre-sale Hardcap: 1 Million USD

ICO Dates: 25th May 2018 – 15th June 2018

ICO Token price: 1 BIDM = 0.02 USD

Ondergrens Purchase amount: 50 USD

Related movie: SiaCoin vásárlás a Poloniex tőzsdén

Maximum Purchase amount: 10k USD

Bidium Hardcap: Ten million USD

You can make numerous purchases during the ICO but if you DO want to contribute more than 10k USD worth of BIDM tokens you need to voeling the BIDIUM TEAM very first to see if they will approve your proposal for a higher purchase amount.

With Zero transaction fees and a 0.01 exchange toverfee, Bidium seeks to become a Leader te the market it seeks to disrupt and bring about a service to its customers that they will want to come back for every time, because a good and economical service is what matters most ter today’s consumer mindset.

BIDIUM Linksaf:

Bidium boasts a knowledgeable Team at the hoofdbescherming of this project and you can get to know them all with their Linkedin profiles on the BIDIUM Webstek where you can find more detailed information about their road schrijfmap and technical aspects of Bidium. Check out the Bitcointalk verbinding too, so you can meet the Bidium community and engage ter the conversation. I you want to contribute to the Bidium Crowdsale, you can use Eth or BTC to buy up some BIDM tokens and there are only two days left to get ter early at the PRE-SALE stage!

ETH ADDRESS: 0xC4Ce7d6B8b01d1CE6AeC1e5295Aa 5c91D8F420fB

Now wij are observing many technologies merging and working te volmaakt synergy and here the marriage inbetween augmented reality, supuesto reality and blockchain technology is happening at an accelerated rhythm. That and also the advent of industrial intelligence has spawned a fresh and arousing era for both consumers and investors the world overheen. It’s all about solving problems ter the imaginario and positivo worlds that is making this cutting edge technological revolution mark a fresh era ter redefining the way wij live and interact.

Let’s take a look at how the XYO Network will help us solve the problems of tracking lost items and goods and how it can merge blockchain technology with the existente world to assist te existente life situations.

Most blockchain coins and tokens have primarily bot used and created to solve and improve situations ter the Posible World and used mostly for online purposes but XYO seeks to switch this dynamic and is designed to bridge the gap inbetween the Efectivo and Supuesto Landscapes through its PROOF OF ORIGIN PROTOCOL.

Like HTTP is the protocol used on the Internet for every online webpagina, the XYO Network will be similar ter the Blockchain Industry. Just check out the achievements marked by XY already that has bot leading up to what it is today:

XY has integrated now well overheen one million Bluetooth and GPS BEACON DEVICES scattered around the globe and is a leading Entity ter the Tracking and Location Business.

XY is responsible for the creation of tracking with blockchain technology for people to locate their items via a clever contract directly from their phone, right from the location their voorwerp wasgoed shipped from.

Let’s check out some User cases and see how the XY Network can be utilized te efectivo world case screenplays:

A. Companies now will be able to opoffering their end user customers Payment on Delivery because the items can be tracked on the XY network right from the point of sale, to the doorstep of the customer, te auténtico time at any given time.

B. If for example one member of the XY Network has lost their dog and another random person who is a member of the XY network who locates the dog, can get a prize for finding the dog te its parameter, which is awesome, because all gegevens is stored and collected on the XY network, which is creating a wealth of information for the entire XY Ecosystem and is recorded on the blockchain forever.

C. Airlines could use the XYnetwork to track lost luggage which is a large problem and costs millions of dollars every year.

D. Hospitals can input gegevens and this can make sure many fatalities are diminished because there would be no patient’s files going missing or manhandle of patience and malpractice occurring through negligence.

E. Many people who rent cars often lose the car keys when they are on their vacation or on business, which is a good inconvenience, so CAR and bike rental companies can use the XY Network to store and track the keys and then be able to locate them if they everzwijn get lost, saving much money and a lotsbestemming of inconvenience.

Thesis examples above are just some of the ways ter which XY will help many people and companies te existente time by collecting and accurately storing gegevens, with the advent of AI and the Blockchain, this collated gegevens will also help more people te the future, for maybe other scripts spil well!


To expand operations and also be more inclusive of the World Community at large, XYO is holding a token sale and issuing it’s own Ethereum based token for the benefit of fresh members coming te to be a part of this fresh paradigm shift ter the making. Here is more information pertaining to the token sale:

Token ticker: XYO

Token total supply: 24,158,373,684

Token type: ERC20

Projected hardcap: 48 million USD

Whatever tokens remain unsold will be burned after the end of the token sale and no more XYO tokens will everzwijn be created.

39.3% (9,495,450,000 XYO) of created tokens will be given up for sale to the Public te the token sale. 1.6% (413,345,292 XYO) of tokens were sold ter the Pre sale to around 500 participants/contributors.

20 th March – End of Quarter Two/beginning of Quarter Three, 2018.

The ondergrens amount of eth one can contribute ter the Public sale is 0.Five eth and the maximum has no cap. The pricing of the XYO token will rise incrementally and starts from 1 ETH = 200,000 XYO right up until it reaches 1 ETH = 333,000 XYO.

XYO Linksom

The XYO Network is headed by a large Team and you can find out more about them and what they do te the linksaf below. If you want to get more information on this project for contribution purposes or just want to find out more on what is happening ter the Blockchain World, don’t hesitate to check out all the informatie provided here for informational purposes.

KORA NETWORK wasgoed designed with Everyone ter Mind. Spil more and more people seek access to Financial Services, the way Fintech is bridging the gap inbetween the Haves and Have Nots, is happening right te vooraanzicht of our eyes, with the assistance and revolutionary tech which is the Blockchain.

By permitting the Many to have this access to improve their standard of living and to induce wealth creating activities through Financial Services platforms, Kora is looking to generate a fresh veelzijdig of People, who irrespective of their backgrounds, can share te the Fiscal Pie that has evaded them for Millennia.

Let’s check out one of the most significant sectors ter our integral Economy, that has bot given the least amount of attention:

The Agricultural Sector. How many Farmers te developing countries commit suicide each year because they get strenuously ter debt, are not subsidized enough, or just don’t have access to the zindelijk financial services to help their business grow and develop., but land up ter the palms of loan sharks and scammers te order to attempt to receive funding.

KORA will be specifically working with FARMERS spil well spil other sectors te Society, ter order to connect them to the right resources and help them to not only to unlock much needed hacienda, but to empower them to the next level te their development.

There is presently underway the beginning of a Trio month long BETA TEST with around 300 plus Farmers te Abuja, Nigeria. Getting farmers paid on time is one of the primary factors and problems that the KORA NETWORK is looking to solve, spil this can be a matter of life and death for farmers and their dependents.

On the KORA toneelpodium one will be able to have access to a multiplicity of services, such spil Identity Validation, Open Marketplace for products and Services, Effortless peer to peer money transfers spil well spil safe and secure storage for one’s funds.

The KORA NETWORK TOKEN, which is a utility token, will be the primary flow te this techno hub that will listig all activities and parties to each other, making for a seamless and efficient Fiscal ecosystem for the Financial Services Sector. Providing this much needed access to Fintech services for the Universal Public, will also ensure more business for Fiscal service providers which means this is a win-win for Everyone.


Let’s take a look at how the token sale is scheduled to run and what bonuses our early investors can procure if they get involved te the earlier stages of the ICO.

Token Usage: KNT will help to secure the KORA NETWORK and also be the utility token which will be a wealth generation contraption for all involved ter the Project.

Te December of 2018, 1 million USD wasgoed raised ter a private sale and the Pre sale has raised another Three million USD and is totally sold out. So now wij will wait for the Main ICO which commences on the 2nd April 2018 and whereby there will be a 20% discount up until the 25th April. The token sale finishes on the 30th April 2018.

The main token price will be set at 1 KNT = 0.1 USD and investors will be able to buy KNT tokens with both BTC and ETH.

The funds raised will go spil goes after:

Development of the KORA NETWORK Verhoging and Research.

Network Growth spil time goes by.

Social empowerment projects and investments.


There is a superb Team behind the KORAPROJECT, so if you want to get to know them better, or want to know a loterijlot more informatie before you determine to get involved, just click the below and check out te detail what the KORA NETWORK is all about.

Spil technology improves and wij budge forward into a fresh era of business. Old norms and ways of conducting business are being transformed on the Blockchain daily spil wij speak. Helping to grow this vision of observing outdated and obsolete modes of commerce be transformed by the use of this disruptive tech is BITTWATT.

When it comes to thesis three points, elevating the Energy Industry to the next level is what BITTWATT aims to do.

By building a P2P Toneel that meets request and supply of energy needs right on the screw, much energy will be preserved and not wasted, which will help more Consumers get the right amount of energy they need through the right provider at the time they need it.

Due to the fact that all negotiations and transactions will operate on the Blockchain, this means that every transaction will take place ter a semi-transparent manner and all records that will be kept on the blockchain ledger will be 100% ethical and keurig. This superb technology takes away all the bureaucratic crimson gauze spil well spil the chance to permit corruption to breedgeschouderd. No bureaucracy and corruption means resources both energy wise and monetary get utilized te the best way.

The Bittwatt toneelpodium will enable consumers and Energy providers to interact directly with each other, thus cutting out all the fluff and middle studs out of the picture, streamlining and simplifying the business and making it an international and cross border endeavor.

Among the developments structured into the podium will be a wandering cross border service for the recharging of electrified cars, an exchange where cryptocurrencies can be traded and where energy storage can also be bought and sold, along with gegevens collection for knowing what customers need and how to get the best deals for all parties involved.


You can be a part of this wonderful revolution by joining te the Initial Coin Suggesting and of course early birds get the very first chunky worms by way of big bonuses!

Let’s take a look at the token sale structure and Supply:


121,500,000 tokens for sale

date: 18th March 2018- 31st March 2018

57,500,000 tokens for sale

Date: 1st April 2018 – 7th April 2018

55,000,000 tokens for sale

Date: 8th April 2018 – 14th April 2018

52,500,000 tokens for sale

Date: 15th April 2018 – 21st April 2018

13,500,000 tokens for sale

Date: 22nd April – 28th April 2018

The token TICKER IS BWT and if you are purchasing Omzetbelasting Through the COSS.IO EXCHANGE, you can keuze an toegevoegd 5% Verzekeringspremie! Investors also have the added option of buying their BWT tokens te COSS and BTC, spil well spil ETH. So if you own a good sized bag of COSS token you can now buy BWT with COSS which is awesome spil it gives buyers more options.

75% OF BWT Token is reserved for the ICO

10% of BWT Token is set aside for the TEAM.

5% of BWT is reserved for the COUNTRY Broad Advisory houtvezelplaat.

5% of BWT is reserved for the Main ADVISORS.

3% is reserved for Militar MARKETING COUNTRYWIDE.

2% of BWT Tokens are to be generously set aside for the CRYPTO COMMUNITY BOUNTY CAMPAIGNS.


Want to get to know the BITTWATT Team better and also do your sound due diligence spil a potential investor?

Why not check out the linksom below for more information and resources on this unique and titillating project that is about to disrupt the Energy Sector spil wij know it today.

Cryptocurrencies now are all the rage and spil high tech companies come on houtvezelplaat to embrace this fantastic technology wij call the Blockchain, innovative ideas are springing forward which are permitting for more and more of the Mainstream Population to get engaged and proactive te the world of digital currencies. One such project namely GYMREWARDS wants to prize customers who are asp[stadionring to keep getraind and live a much healthier and rewarding lifestyle.

GYMREWARDS is developing an Application that will bring a fresh algorithm to mining crypto called PROOF OF EXERCISE. No, this is not some gimmick, but a existente way to mine the GYM TOKEN through doing physical exercise. The is actual power to the People coming to you via this unique system of prize, which is another way of disrupting not only the crypto mining industry, which now primarily is out of the palms of the little fellow or gal but also of other middlemen ter the exercise kampplaats. It’s time now for everyone to get their allotted share of the Altcoin Revolution and what a better way to receive an incoming prize through taking care of your most precious asset, your Bod?

The prizes are not only for individuals but for also GYMS and Event Managers too! You can enroll your gym or event and all your customers that come through you and download the app, give you a petite referral commission which can add up to a ge amount of tokens and earnings overheen time! Have you everzwijn thought of how many people around the Globe will be empowered to work out if they are obese or living sedentary lives, just by being told they will get paid to do it? What about athletes also ter poor countries that want to participate te world athletic events but just can’t get the funding to fo it, or to buy equipment they need to get to the next level? Now with the GYMREWARDS APP, they have hope to collect the much-needed funds they need to participate te their desired athletic/sports events.

Another fine feature of GYMREWARDA will be the decentralized GYMREWARDS Exchange, which will make this the go-to exchange for trading all ERC20 AND PLATA Tokens, spil well spil GYM AND ETH! This makes GYMREWARDS your one-stop crypto shop, to buy, sell or exchange GYM and other Tokens ter a seamless way. Ah, BTW there are other excellent features of the GYMREWARDS EXCHANGE! If you hold 5k or more GYMREWARDS tokens you don’t pay a cent te trading fees and you can also EARN TOKENS while you trade! That sure is going to bring and keep slew of volume onto the exchange don’t you think?

GYMREWARDS is hosting its own token sale ter order to raise funds to accomplish and grow this project, app, and toneelpodium. It gives early investors the chance to earn GYMREWARDS Token te bulk and be part of a healthier living decentralized revolution!

The token sale information so far is this:

Right now you can purchase GYM TOKENS with a 50% verzekeringspremie at the rate of 0.0000666 ETH = 1 GYM and the ondergrens you can invest at this time is 0.01 ETH or 0.04 btc. The rate during the main ICO will be 0.0001 ETH.

There is a fine incentive to buy GYM TOKENS and here is why:

Every GYM TOKEN holder will receive revenue share from the transaction fees every quarter from the GYM EXCHANGE and also will receive GYM TOKENS to equal value ter the PLATA GYM BLOCKCHAIN spil they own te the ETH BLOCKCHAIN!

The soft cap is 100 ETH and the hard cap for the token sale is 15k ETH, which is a reasonable amount of funding to create the exchange and app.

Maximum token supply will be at Two billion tokens but any not sold during the ICO will be allocated back to GYM MINING. 10% of the total tokens will be waterput up for sale. The token TICKER IS GYM and it will be distributed accordingly:

10% will be allocated to the crowd sale

73% for app mining prizes

5% will be allocated to a long-term reserve fund

5% will be allocated to the Team

3% is for the Advisory Houtvezelplaat

4% is a generous prize for the Community Airdrop and Bounty campaign


There is an experienced Team at the hoofdbescherming of this project and also overheen 28k MEMBERS te the GYM Telegram Community, which goes to showcase that there is hefty rente ter this unique and arousing project. Spil a savvy investor, of course, it’s always a good thing to do your own research and you can check out the linksom below for informational purposes and if this is the project for you, you can check it out and love the big pre ICO Toeslag that’s available for the taking!

Bringing decentralization to good causes around the Globe is the best way to facilitate trust ter charitable providing. There has bot a downturn te caudillo when it comes to charities receiving donations, only because of the lack of trust that has permeated this part of our lives and where cynicism has become fashionable when discussing charitable events and topics. Now the advent of Blockchain Technology, erasing mistrust that has tarnished many charities and the insatiable appetites of the Middle Man, can imbue a fresh era of trust and transparency te a world marred by corruption and greed.

CHERR.IO is revolutionizing the Donation Industry by creating a verhoging that is both effortless to use and also will bring efficiency and effortlessness back to the kunst of providing, which is how it should be!

Wij have seen that crowdfunding now is the future of building both businesses and helping investors on the go create cool portfolios. Now CHERR.IO wants to utilize this same principle ter building an interface that brings charitable causes within effortless reach of everyone at the click of a button.

Charities can showcase their causes and everyone can join ter and donate. Merienda the donation needed is reached that Charity gets funded spil intended. Using the CHR token spil a utility token on the Ethereum blockchain protocol makes ease of use, transparency, and security primary pointers to attract fresh donors and help bring many causes the funds they so much need to help and assist those te need. Helping our fellow Human Beings and Environment doesn’t come any lighter than this. Bijzonder from also having a web Interface, IOS and Android Apps will be delivered to the Public spil well, providing those on the go a chance to vertoning their generosity and goodness, however busy they are te their lives. Also, wij need to point out that people donating with CHR token will be awarded points for donating, spil well spil people who are sharing, following and liking content that can help spread the word of a good cause! It’s a win-win for everyone who gets involved.


To help grow this podium and infrastructure, CHERR.IO is issuing a utility token, namely CHR, which is suggested up for public sale. Here are the details of CHR Token, along with the token sale information:

The price of CHR Token te the Pre-Sale is Ten,000 = 1 ETH and ter the 24 hours before the main ICO, the CHR Token price will be locked ter at 8,000 = 1 ETH, so the pre-sale toeslag is very attractive to early bird investors. Ter the flagrante ICO sale itself, the price will be 7,000 CHR= 1 ETH until the soft cap is reached. After the soft cap is reached the price will scale down to Five,200 CHR vanaf 1 Eth.

Let’s take a look at Tokoen Fundamentals now:



DATE OF ICO END: The ICO will end after 21 days of Token Sale launch or if Hardcap is reached beforehand, it will end earlier.

TOKEN DELIVERY TO PARTICIPANTS: 7 days after the ICO concludes, everyone participating will receive their CHR tokens.

Also, I would like to note that 50% of the funds raised originally beyond the soft cap being reached, will be donated to the live campaigns that will be showcased on the CHERR Toneel!

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