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The PoloniexR package provides a user-friendly R interface to the Poloniex Cryptocurrency Trading Surplus API. The package wasgoed committed to CRAN and the very first version of the corresponding CRAN reference manual can be found on this pagina. At the time of writing, some documentation fixes are still required.

Package source code can be obtained from the PoloniexR Github pagina. From a user perspective, the tutorial below is synchronized with the latest version of the Github readme opstopping and will consequently remain up to date at all times.


The package has bot submitted to CRAN and can be installed te the usual manner:

Note – version 0.0.1 contains a puny bug related to the returnDepositWithdrawals trading instruction. The associated value of this field should be returnDepositsWithdrawals (instead of the default returnDepositWithdrawals value). Commencing from version 0.0.Two both the instruction name field and corresponding value have bot switched to returnDepositsWithdrawals te order to correctly represent the Poloniex directive string and value. At the time of writing, the latest version has not yet bot uploaded to CRAN (view issues). If you are using version 0.0.1 you can by hand modify the guideline field to the juist value, spil explained te the tutorial below.

Alternatively, you can download the latest version from Github by using the devtools utility:

Following the installation, the library can be loaded: library(PoloniexR) .

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PoloniexPublicAPI / PoloniexTradingAPI

The package exposes Two S4 classes to the users:

  • PoloniexPublicAPI : Consists of wrapper methods on top of the Poloniex Public Surplus API.
  • PoloniexTradingAPI : Consists of wrapper methods on top of the Poloniex Trading Surplus API.

Methods provided by the PoloniexPublicAPI :

  • ReturnTicker
  • Return24hVolume
  • ReturnOrderBook
  • ReturnTradeHistory
  • ReturnChartData
  • ReturnCurrencies
  • ReturnLoanOrders

Methods provided by the PoloniexTradingAPI :

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  • ProcessTradingRequest(): Permits the users to call any of the trading API methods that are provided by Poloniex.
  • ReturnBalances
  • ReturnCompleteBalances

Use ?&lt,function.name&gt, to read total I/O specs and function documentation. cfr ?ReturnTicker .

Examples are provided te the sections below



Run ?ReturnTicker for extra function documentation.


Run ?Return24hVolume for extra function documentation.


Run ?ReturnOrderBook for extra function documentation.


Run ?ReturnTradeHistory for extra function documentation.


Run ?ReturnChartData for extra function documentation.


Run ?ReturnCurrencies for function extra function documentation.


Run ?ReturnLoanOrders for extra function documentation.

GET / SET public API URL and instruction Strings.

Note: Switching thesis settings is only useful if Poloniex makes switches to the almohadilla URL and/or guideline strings ter the future. If nothing switches, object construction can remain default.


Trading should be enabled te your Poloniex settings and you should have access to your account key / secret ter order to construct the PoloniexTradingAPI object. Internally, all calls to the trading API are sent via HTTP Postbode. The Postbode gegevens itself is signed with your key’s secret according to the HMAC-SHA512 method.


Wrapper on top of ProcessTradingRequest to fetch account recuento informatie. Run ?ReturnBalances for extra informatie.


Wrapper on top of ProcessTradingRequests to fetch accomplish (margin, lending, ..) account arqueo informatie. Run ?ReturnCompleteBalances for extra informatie.


This function permits the users to call any of the trading functions that are accessible through the Poloniex Trading API. The ProcessTradingRequest method takes a instruction string spil input argument te combination with a list of extra input arguments that correspond to the particular instruction ter question.

Other Trade functionality (View Poloniex API documentation):

  • withdraw: poloniex.trading@commands$withdraw
  • returnFeeInfo: poloniex.trading@commands$returnFeeInfo
  • returnAvailableAccountBalances: poloniex.trading@commands$returnAvailableAccountBalances
  • returnTradeableBalances: poloniex.trading@commands$returnTradeableBalances
  • transferBalance: poloniex.trading@commands$transferBalance
  • returnMarginAccountSummary: poloniex.trading@commands$returnMarginAccountSummary
  • marginBuy: poloniex.trading@commands$marginBuy
  • marginSell: poloniex.trading@commands$marginSell
  • getmarginPosition: poloniex.trading@getMarginPosition
  • closeMarginPosition: poloniex.trading@closeMarginPosition
  • createLoanOffer: poloniex.trading@commands$createLoanOffer
  • cancelLoanOffer: poloniex.trading@commands$cancelLoanOffer
  • returnOpenLoanOffers: poloniex.trading@commands$returnOpenLoanOffers
  • returnActiveLoans: poloniex.trading@commands$returnActiveLoans
  • returnLendingHistory: poloniex.trading@commands$returnLendingHistory
  • toggleAutoRenew: poloniex.trading@commands$toggleAutoRenew

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Same remark spil before: Modification of the object fields are only required if and when Poloniex modifies the trading API almohadilla URL and/or the instruction strings. Default constructor can be used for now.

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If you find this software useful and/or you would like to see extra extensions, feel free to donate some crypto:

  • BTC: 1QHtZLZ15Cmj4FPr5h5exDjYciBDhh7mzA
  • LTC: LhKf6MQ7LY1k8YMaAq9z3APz8kVyFX3L2M
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  • DASH: Xvicgp3ga3sczHtLqt3ekt7fQ62G9KaKNB

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Or preferably, donate some of my dearest coins ??

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