Cryptopus — Decentralized brokerage agency

ICO finishes ter:

1 CPP = 0.0009 ETH

Cryptocurrency trading & investment is difficult to treatment spil there are not many contraptions available that bring simpleness and safety to the process.

Trading is a sophisticated discipline. Not everyone has access to secrets of the highly-volatile cryptocurrency market. The amount of necessary skill to trade increases spil the industry is growing rapidly.

A lack of regulation and safety mechanisms opens a loterijlot of chance for scammers. Traders fake their trading history, appearing to be successful and steal investor’s crypto assets.

A lack of stop-loss strategies makes newcomers very endeble to losses. Cryptocurrencies are proven to be very volatile and inexperienced traders will listen to their emotions, not reason.

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Cryptocurrency market is a volatile, highly-speculative, and sophisticated environment. This complexity prevents regular people from investing and the lack of industry regulation creates a loterijlot of opportunities for scammers.

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Our core mission is to facilitate ordinary and secure interaction inbetween traders and individual investors through blockchain technology.

Our wise contract’s idea is ordinary: wij project to collect gegevens provided by traders, and do continuous algorithmic rating, validation and analysis. Cryptopus is a Decentralized Brokerage Marketplace with analytical implements that will help anyone to make right investment decision.

Cryptopus’ clever contract locks account’s funds until all conditions of the agreement inbetween a trader and an investor are met. The gegevens of all transactions is then processed, analyzed, and stored securely ter a decentralized verkeersopstopping system, IPFS.

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Wij strive to empower individual investors by providing means to evaluate traders and make educated decisions based on our algorithms. Wij are creating an ecosystem where meaningful gegevens is helping people make profit.

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Cryptopus will be a versatile and brainy investment implement, born out of the most titillating, elaborate, and high ROI markets te the world.

React permits us to vormgeving interfaces on many platforms,including Mobile, Desktop, and Web. This gives us an chance for code reuse and rapid development.

By using Ethereum, wij develop own stack of smart-contracts, that provide trust to our service, by making everything public and immutable

IPFS lets us store Big Gegevens and access it quick worldwide. Wij use IPFS to analyze trading patterns of traders

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Cryptopus API implements the finish stack of services, that make it possible for every client to commence interacting with many crypto exchanges

Project within this category have enormously strong potential for brief and long term growth. Investments ter thesis projects have a reasonable potential to comeback profit.

&quot,Bright Idea&quot,Igor Karavaev / ex-executive director of Skolkovo Foundation (the leading Russian start-ups business accelerator with 1600+ technological startups guided)

June – September 2018

Decentralization of toneelpodium storage with IPFS. Sync with IPFS Knots and four most popular exchanges: Openleggen, Poloniex, Bitfinex, and Bitmex. Trader gegevens analysis by segmentation.

November 2018

Desktop application Alpha version (26th of November). Company registration process takes place. PR and marketing campaign launch. Web-application development.

December 2018

Pre-ICO commence (3rd December) Mobile applications prototypes. Debugging and re-evaluation of internal processes. Establishing legítimo presence, ensuring adherence to regulations.

Official product launch, publishing token on exchanges, working with fiat. Introducing Machine Learning solutions for security and trading patterns analysis.

Own ETH+CPP wallet plugged into the toneelpodium. Deep integration with exchanges. Cryptopus API becomes the official license for traders and asset managers.

Developing own exchange, launch of the hedge fund.

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