Creating Your Own Spreadsheets and Charts Using Poloniex API – Part Two – Beginner – s Guide To Poloniex API Programming

If you have reached this pagina without going through the previous instructions, please Click Here to commence at Part 1.

Wij need to open a fresh Google Sheet to get began. To do this, go to your Google Drive and click Fresh. A Dropdown will show up. Click Google Sheets and a fresh spreadsheet will open for you.

Te the top left of your fresh Spreadsheet you will see the name is Untitled Spreadsheet. Click that Text and give it a fresh name such spil XMRBuyOrders. Next, go to the bottom of the spreadsheet and find the Tabulator named Sheet1. Dual click the text and rename it to APIPull. This is the sheet wij are going to waterput the API gegevens from Poloniex into. You can name them whatever you choose, and tho’ I do not use spaces ter my names out of habit, spaces are fine also. Every time you make a switch ter a Google Sheet it is automatically saved. There is an Undo and Redo button on the top row next to the printer. I have needed thesis many times.

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Let mij remind you here of the very first rule of working on any document, spreadsheet or programming on a laptop. Save a copy periodically. This can be done by clicking Verkeersopstopping, and choosing Make a Copy from any Google Application you are using. When attempting to clear gegevens about five days into my programming, I accidentally chose the delete katern function instead of the clear katern function. This wiped out everything I had bot working on ter my spreadsheet, and I would have had to begin from scrape if not for my saved copy.

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Next, wij need to do our very first lump of programming. The language used te Google Scripts is very similar to Java, tho’ not all the functions work exactly the same and not all Java options are available te Scripts. If you want to do some research into how Java programming is done, you can visit W3Schools at the listig below. This is not needed to do what I am going to demonstrate you, but it is informative, and may be helpful spil you attempt things on your own and need to use functions I have not covered. Also, Google Search is your friend when you need to figure out something fresh.

Open a fresh Google Apps Script from the Fresh button on your main Google Drive screen. On the Fresh pull down spijskaart, select More &gt,, then Google Apps Script. You may see this referred to spil GAS when you are searching the Internet for help on Scripts.

A fresh scripts screen will open. Click Untitled Project and switch the name to something like XMRScript.

Wij can name our function, or routine, at this time. Ter the script you just opened, the function name defaulted to myFunction. You can have many functions within a single Script, but wij are going to use just one to do everything here. I am switching the name myFunction to processXMRAPI. Everything within the top and bottom bracket < >following this name is part of the function.


Wij are about to embark writing code into our script. At the bottom of each Pagina where any Script is modified is a verbinding like this:

Please open that verbinding to copy the code you use into your own script. For some reason, when you copy from a web pagina directly into your code, Google Scripts sometimes sees an ‘illegal character’ . This is due to the single quote ( ‘ ) not being interpreted correctly on the copy. Usually if you retype each single quote ter your script the error will vanish.

Wij need to tell the Script where to find the Spreadsheet so the two can interact. This will be our very first line of code. The listig wij will use is found te the Web Address of the Spreadsheet. There is a long 44 character unique identifier consisting of random numbers and letters ter the URL address itself. You need to copy that identifier. For the Spreadsheet I created I have

Using this identifier, insert the following code te your function to listig your Script to your Spreadsheet. The // before text denotes a comment. You may want to add to the comments to document what each step te the process does spil you go. This way when you look back straks you can lightly reminisce what you were doing.

// Listig the script with a spreadsheet using the identifier found ter the spreadsheet URL

var ss = SpreadsheetApp.openById(Paste Your 44 Character Identifier Here),

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Your Script will look something like this when you are done

Please click Save at this point and be sure you are not receiving the ‘illegal charater’ error message. If you are, you can use the code from the ‘see what my script looks like’ verbinding at the bottom of each pagina. It will copy and paste the precies same text without an error from Google. I do not know why.

Now wij are able to write code te this script that uses and switches values te the associated spreadsheet. For example, you might want to pull gegevens from Poloniex and populate the spreadsheet with the information. Wij will be doing that te the next lesson.

Please recognize a lotsbestemming of effort went into figuring this process out and documenting it to save you time, with the aim of providing you information you can use to make more BTC te the future. If this is useful information for you, I would appreciate any tips you are able to send to the following BTC address.

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