Users are also given the choice of joining numerous accounts if for whatever reason they have more than one ter existence.

Keep track of all your currencies and commodities from a single place

Access to analyses of your trading activity and profit

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Get historic price gegevens for 4000+ coins

View accurate Bitcoin price and volume forecasting

Unlimited: 0.52 BTC (lifetime), 0.14 BTC (Two years), 0.09 BTC (1 year)

Professional: 0.12 BTC (lifetime), 0.07 BTC (Two years), 0.04 BTC (1 year)

Cointracking is a implement that aims to solve to problem of keeping an updated record of individual investments and possessed coins, commodities and currencies. The webpagina permits to keep track of both fiat and cryptocurrencies but it is strongly focused on the latter and optimized for them.

The webpagina wasgoed officially announced on May 30, 2013 by its founder, Dario. when it very first came out, it supported 3130 existing currencies, number which has raised to 4577 after more than Three years of existence.

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Registration is required to use the webpagina, but anonymous accounts are possible and a live demo is available to quickly browse the webpagina features without having to set up an account. Cointracking is presently available te English, German and Portuguese, with beta versions te Spanish, Catalan and Italian and ongoing translations into Korean (90%), Russian (55%), French (55%) and Chinese (55%). The theme can also be switched from the light default to a black-and-white dark layout.

To embark using the webpagina it is necessary to very first blast some gegevens into it. You can input coin information either by palm or using any of the automatic APIs they have for the purpose. Everything required to add gegevens is available through the Come in Coins spijskaart, which is divided into Four subsections.

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Come in coins pagina: from here all the different importing methods can be accessed

The webpagina is free to use with some limitations that will pass unnoticed for media traders. Those requiring higher boundaries are given the option to purchase upgrades (named unlimited and voor) which are less limitary. Buying a life-time unlimited project right now costs 0.52 BTC (regular price 0.72), being the most expensive purchase available on the webpagina (which comes with almost no limitations). Prices and terms for each account (including the free tier) are detailed here.

Injecting Coins

Gegevens can be added by mitt from the manual invoer pagina by clicking fresh and packing the form that pops up. A 2nd alternative is to bring gegevens from any of the 29 supported exchanges including Five with legacy support, the process varies depending on the exchange, but instructions for every one are listed under the exchange imports option.

The webpagina also has seamless integration with some of the APIs suggested by popular exchanges, which permits to invoer gegevens by just injecting an API key. The user can alternatively use an address and explosion all the transactions from it, with the possibility of choosing if importing incoming, outgoing or all movements.

Loading gegevens from a Bitcoin address: spil effortless spil pasting your address te the adequate opbergruimte and clicking a button

A final option is loading gegevens from files, presently Excel, csv and txt files are supported.


All gegevens entered is cautiously summarized on the user instrumentenbord. Total account value (violated by categories), trading statistics, portfolio composition, movimiento by day, currency or exchange and, a private timeline of transactions are displayed te a klein manner.

Instrumentenbord: a summary of your individual holdings is shown here

Besides having a quick view of his portfolio, ter this pagina the user can opt to make it public and share it with friends or people ter universal.


A core feature of the webpagina are reports. The reporting menukaart contains more than a dozen of different options, including statistics, trading analysis and history. To work decently this section requires the user to have imported some gegevens and it relies on the accurate information provided by him.

The reporting menukaart and the submenus available on it

Looking at the big picture, Reporting is subdivided te Four categories: trades, comprobación, gains and further. Each of thesis subsections include their own charts and analyses which are detailed below.


here the user can view universal statistics for his holdings, ranging from their total value using a given currency spil reference to trading volumes and amounts of coins wielded. There are two extra options te this section listing trades and their value for an account, respectively.


the user can list his current and daily possessions and classify them by exchange or currency. Drankbuffet and pie charts complement the section, with different filtering alternatives and options to uitvoer gegevens.


the user can rely on this part of the webpagina to determine whether to sell or not (with the promedio purchase price option), analyze previous trades (media buy/sell prices, pauze even price and profit / loss), check which coins are presently tax free and track realized or unrealized gains.


anything else that does not getraind te any of the subsections above comes here. Presently, a user can compare the cost of fees today against the amount paid when the transaction wasgoed executed, lightly review his transactions divided spil debits and credits and quick statistics for effortless come in coins.

Charts and Trends

This sections comes ter handy to investors that require instruments that help them to observe trends, identify patterns and take decisions. The very first feature suggested here is a list of coin trends which includes 24h, 7d and 30d gegevens. It also lists current volume and price te both fiat and BTC for a given currency or commodity.

Coin trends for the top 50 accounts (using the volume ter BTC spil ordering criteria)

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A history of prices is also suggested for all the 4577 coins, which can be customized to demonstrate any pair (not only the default cryptocurrency vs USD / EUR) including producing a plot with gegevens for all the currencies the user wields. Naturally, charts are also interactive and permit zooming, switching timeframes and even including private trading gegevens (a feature still te beta).

Price charts: a customized chart with the historic price of ETH te Bitcoin and CNY

The third option is simply a total statistics pagina produced with gegevens from all the CoinTracking users. It certainly does not give much value to investors, but might be interesting and even motivational to see.

Total user statistics: what is this for? who knows, but many sites have this pagina and CoinTracking is not the exception

The last component is on the other palm a remarkable and sensational one: CoinTracking has produced clever price and volume forecasting algorithms which it uses to predict Bitcoin price behavior and risk, daily and hourly prices and future trade volumes.

Bitcoin behavior forecasting: price predictions including risk estimations and success rate

Tax report

The last of the main features and very likely one of the most interesting for busy people with lots of trading gegevens is the automatic generation of tax reports. CoinTracking has bot adapted to different específico laws and is able to automatically produce tax declarations that serve with the regulations of many countries where cryptocurrencies and trades using them have to be reported.

Tax reports can be customized indicating the relevant year, method, currencies to consider, rates, among other options.

Extra features

Users can back up their trades with a single click and restore or delete previous backups with the same ease. The webpagina is responsive, so it can be accessed from mobile devices without much hassle, CoinTracking also offers a mobile app that makes it even lighter for Android users to work with the toneelpodium.

The webpagina has a referral program that pays out 20% of commissions te any purchase made by referrers (i.e. account upgrades). Users are also given the choice of joining numerous accounts if for whatever reason they have more than one te existence.

  • Lightly invoer gegevens.
  • Broad range of statistics available.
  • Generous referral program.
  • Forecasting features.
  • Numerous languages supported.
  • Free version (limited).
  • Reports for tax declaration.
  • No 2-step authentication.


CoinTracking is good either for casual traders that only want to keep track of a duo of movements every month or for established traders that can afford to purchase one of the non-free plans suggested and take utter advantage of the webpagina. The forecasting device is something worth checking and the available charts may serve to traders even without creating an account.

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